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Life turns to torment For H-1B Visa Holders

US Based employers became aware that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services started to challenge a large number of H-1B applications. Cases ground to a halt. The number of H-1B applications plunged down this year after five years.
When President Donald Trump came into office, the H-1B program, providing temporary visas to high-skilled workers, did not undergo noteworthy changes in its annual lottery in April 2017.
But a quiet crackdown was underway.
The challenges, known officially as requests for evidence, have increased by 44 percent compared to 2016 as per USCIS statistics.
The H-1B program became controversial because Indian IT firms use it to hire for jobs associated with computer programming. These firms have started to work to reduce their dependence on the program, because of the present political scene. The sceptical government is impacting the applications.

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The consequences if the USA goes for merit-based Immigration

The recent truck attack in New York has given a strong reason to President Trump, to push to lead, his promise for merit-based immigration. He had called for adopting a merit-based system of immigration and showered praises on Australia and Canada for using the point-based system. He said that some Nations had a merit-based immigration system on the principle that those seeking admission in a country are able to support themselves financially. There is no enforcement of this rule in America, which strains the public resources on which its poor citizens rely heavily. As per the National Academy of Sciences, the cost of the present immigration system is several billions of dollars annually.
What is the true meaning of the merit-based immigration system for the residents of the US and who stand to be affected by it?

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Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration for Highly Skilled Foriegn Workers

In November 2014 President OBAMA has issued an executive actions on the U.S. Immigration system. The most controversial initiative was to take protection on the 4.3 million unauthorized aliens, and second initiative was to focus on enhancing the ability of U.S. companies to hire and retain highly skilled foreign employees.
It has been 14 months since a number of these specific initiatives have been rolled out, the ultimate result is just like a question mark.
Two Key Initiatives are discussed below:
“Optional Practical Training”
Foreign Students who are Graduating from U.S. colleges can stay in U.S. and continue their work under Optional Practical Training(OPT). Many U.S. employers hire these graduates with the idea that, during the OPT period, they can sponsor the graduate for a non immigrant H-1B “speciality occupation” visa so that he or she can continue working in the U.S. in H-1B status.
The Executive Actions announced by President Obama in 2014 directive included additional changes to extend the OPT Program. However before DHS was able to issue the new Regulation by Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (WashTech).

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Know How to migrate to USA with work visa

USA is the country that most of the people are interested to migrate. Most people migrate to US to study or visit the country. Whatever the reason for immigration this country has special landscapes, stable economy and better opportunities for betterment in every individual life.

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