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EB-5 visa program is ideal for studying abroad | Zentora Blog

The EB-5 visa program is an ideal choice to study abroad as it contains remarkable features. Indians look to the USA for a better future and pursue F1 and H1-B visa offers. The EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors has started to attract several Indians. Through it an immigrant has a chance to invest USD 500,000 in a fresh USA business, and after it is established that the capital had a legal source and the business was able to generate 10 full-time jobs, the investing individual is in a position to get a green card for himself/herself, and also for the their family members, in which the spouse, as well as children, below 21 years of age, are included.

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Indian Students show impressive growth in US Universities

China has achieved the top spot in the figure of students arriving in the USA to pursue higher studies annually. India occupies the next spot as per the statement of an official of USIEF.
Statistics revealed that Indians occupies the second place behind Chinese. The figures of the previous academic year showed that there were 1,66,000 students from India who chose to study in the United States. China had a strength of 3,20,000 students, in the words of Jamie Dragon, US Consulate General, and Director of the American Centre.
China had gone beyond India in 2011 and there was a gap between Indians and Chinese students studying in the United States which kept increasing.
The students from Kolkata opting for studying in the United States every year were less in numbers when compared to the students belonging to New Delhi and Mumbai.
He added that the figure of the number of students reaching the US during the present academic session would be released soon.

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