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How To Work While You Study In The US?

How can one work in the USA while pursuing their education to obtain higher educational degree.

Any international student migrating to the USA on a student visa has a question in his mind. Can he/she work legally on a student visa in campus or outside the campus? All individuals in the USA on F1 Visa are eligible to work on-campus initially and after completion of 9 months in the USA are eligible to work outside the campus also. The students can work using a couple of practical training options, which are termed as the Curricular Practical Training (CPT), and Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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Indians favor the Investment Route to get a US Green Card

Many Indians are ready to spend a million dollars to begin business activities in the US following the Invest and Migrate Scheme which is sponsored by the Government.

The EB-5 Visa Program has been designed as a paid invitation to non-Americans, to make an investment in the US, and obtain a ‘Green Card’ for the investor and members of his/her family.

It has two routes the first being investing directly involving the start of a new business and creating 10 full-time local jobs. The other is the indirect route where investment can be made in an EB-5 project which is approved by the government.

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The New RAISE act may benefit Indian professionals | Zentora Blog

On Aug 3 Donald Trump announced that he would support the legislation, that put forth to cut down half of the legal immigrants that are allowed into the US.
This legislation would move toward the “merit based system” where it would be favoring the candidates for residency cards who would have a good English speaking skills.
If this legislation would be passed by the congress and signed into law, then the legislation that is titled as RAISE – Reforming American Immigration for strong Employment would greatly benefit technology and highly educated professionals mainly from countries like India.
The current lottery system would get abandoned by the RAISE act, which helps to get into the US and instead the green card can be obtained using a point based system. Different aspects that would be taken into account in this act is the age, education, English language skills and high-paying job offers.

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Life turns to torment For H-1B Visa Holders

US Based employers became aware that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services started to challenge a large number of H-1B applications. Cases ground to a halt. The number of H-1B applications plunged down this year after five years.
When President Donald Trump came into office, the H-1B program, providing temporary visas to high-skilled workers, did not undergo noteworthy changes in its annual lottery in April 2017.
But a quiet crackdown was underway.
The challenges, known officially as requests for evidence, have increased by 44 percent compared to 2016 as per USCIS statistics.
The H-1B program became controversial because Indian IT firms use it to hire for jobs associated with computer programming. These firms have started to work to reduce their dependence on the program, because of the present political scene. The sceptical government is impacting the applications.

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EB-5 visa program is ideal for studying abroad | Zentora Blog

The EB-5 visa program is an ideal choice to study abroad as it contains remarkable features. Indians look to the USA for a better future and pursue F1 and H1-B visa offers. The EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors has started to attract several Indians. Through it an immigrant has a chance to invest USD 500,000 in a fresh USA business, and after it is established that the capital had a legal source and the business was able to generate 10 full-time jobs, the investing individual is in a position to get a green card for himself/herself, and also for the their family members, in which the spouse, as well as children, below 21 years of age, are included.

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The consequences if the USA goes for merit-based Immigration

The recent truck attack in New York has given a strong reason to President Trump, to push to lead, his promise for merit-based immigration. He had called for adopting a merit-based system of immigration and showered praises on Australia and Canada for using the point-based system. He said that some Nations had a merit-based immigration system on the principle that those seeking admission in a country are able to support themselves financially. There is no enforcement of this rule in America, which strains the public resources on which its poor citizens rely heavily. As per the National Academy of Sciences, the cost of the present immigration system is several billions of dollars annually.
What is the true meaning of the merit-based immigration system for the residents of the US and who stand to be affected by it?

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Donald Trump introduces an immigration plan benefiting Indian professionals

President Trump has embarked on a system which calls for merit-based immigration that would serve national interests. It is likely to benefit Indian workers with high skilled but a clause prevents the sponsoring of their families. There is no mention of the H-1B visas sought by IT professionals of India in that proposal.
It comes with the issues of changing the green-card system of the country, providing funds to a border wall between USA and Mexico border and an attack on minors who enter USA unaccompanied.

The immigration system is expected to benefit Indian immigrants possessing suitable skills, including the professionals of IT sector. On the other hand, it badly impacts on the Indians who seek the presence of their parents and their family members in the US.

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Know How to migrate to USA with work visa

USA is the country that most of the people are interested to migrate. Most people migrate to US to study or visit the country. Whatever the reason for immigration this country has special landscapes, stable economy and better opportunities for betterment in every individual life.

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