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Among the non-EU migrants, Indians at the top in the UK

India has the largest migrant group among the non-European Union nations which have settled in the UK. Taken as a whole, migration in the country has been reduced during 2016, as per the recent data released.

The National Statistics Office of UK has figures which show that 305,000 Indians moved to the UK from July 2016 to June 2017. This made India the most common migrant nation behind Poland, the Republic of Ireland and Romania.

The data found a decrease in the net migration to the UK by 106,000 to rest at 230,000 during the period. This was registered after the EU referendum for Brexit took place in June 2016.

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Top 50 accommodation university halls in the UK | Zentora Blog

Making a right choice of where you live while immigrating to the UK may create a big difference. When you opt to Study in UK you have a variety of options laid down in front of you of modern and safe accommodation. A good accommodation will not only help you to live in an environment that suits your needs but also would help you to concentrate on the purpose of your stay.
Many universities in the UK have accommodations available for foreign students visiting on UK visa. But if you want to have your own rented place, then officials of your respective universities may help you find one.
Most of the UK universities offer halls of residence to UK immigrants. These halls may vary from single rooms with shared kitchen and living areas to small studios. Halls are preferably comfortable and safe accommodations for foreign students.

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UK Tier 2 Visa certificates of sponsorship - October allocations is 1,879

In the UK Tier 2 Visa allocation meeting, held on 11th September 2017, the Certificates of Sponsorship, available for issuing, in October 2017 were 1,879.
The department for UK Visas and Immigration said in its September Report that the figures were corrected as of 15th Sep 2017.
An employer possessing UK Tier 2 Visa license has to apply for Sponsorship Certificates for immigrants to be employed. Under the current immigration system, unused UK Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship, which were granted to employ people currently based out of the UK, are subject to reclamation after three months. This increases their availability.
All valid applications submitted on or before 5th September, were successful when the score was 21 points.

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