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Ottawa to Conduct Field Inspections Under New Foreign Worker Program

The Canada government has yet to conduct a single on-site inspection of employees under the new International Mobility Program, which was created as a part of a Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
In response to the controversies , the Conservative government moved in 2014 to split the foreign worker program into two divisions , with the creation of a new International Mobility Program aims highly skilled workers.

Government promised to introduce the new off shoot program that would include “a robust compliance system, featuring inspections of thousands of employers.”
Those promised inspections were aimed at ensuring foreign workers receive the wages according to what they had been promised.
Regulations for the new program came into existence on Feb. 21, 2015, but according to the newly released report shows that the activity has fallen down for the high level.

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Australia Partner Visa and their Requirements | Zentora Blog

Are you planning to Migrate to Australia under Partner Visa? This is a right decision to get immigrate through Partner Visa. If you are living in Australia and want to bring your family, then this option will be the benefit to you. Immediately apply for the Australia Partner Visa.
Qualifications for Partner Visa
To apply for the Australian Partner Visa on the premise of marriage, you should be lawfully hitched to your Australian accomplice and supporter. To apply from outside the Australia, you should be legitimately hitched to your accomplice at the season of use or mean to lawfully wed your accomplice before a choice is made on the makeshift Partner Visa.
Furthermore, you will be required to give confirmation of your lawful marriage and proof of a common duty and shared life and Meet the wellbeing and character prerequisites assigned by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program | Zentora Blog

Are you planning to work in abroad as Federal Skilled Worker? Then Migrate to Canada immediately by following the guidelines which are mentioned below to get a better opportunity on Federal Skilled Worker. Canada, a nation in North America, has turned into a focused on the destination for workers. With the best personal satisfaction and elevated expectation of living, the nation has turned out to be most looked for after destination for working and dwelling.

Canada is a country open for migrants; in this way, resettling there is not all that troublesome. Along these lines, each year, various people seek to wind up lasting residents of Canada.

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Important features for UK dependent visa | Zentora Blog

Are you dependent and planning to accompany him/her who is already residing in the United Kingdom? Then you need to apply for Dependent Visa to be legally in the United Kingdom.

Each and Every year an extensive number of people Migrate to UK with the end goal of studying and employment abandoning their relatives. An uncommon visa class entitled as UK Dependent Visa is planned particularly for the qualified dependents of United Kingdom visa holders.
UK Dependent Visa
The UK migration takes after a level framework to empower abroad nationals to go to the UK with the end goal of instruction, work and ventures. Indeed, the wards who need to go with their relatives in the UK must apply for UK level reliance visa.

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Canada Express Entry 21st Draw results processed and assessed in a new way

Canada is the dream destination for every skilled worker with many opportunities who desired to work abroad. With best pay and best opportunities Canada has much in store to provide for skilled workers in all levels. Canadian government has introduced the express entry system for skilled professionals in 1st January 2015.

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South Africa Tourist Visa | Zentora Blog

Is it accurate to say that you are getting exhausted with your everyday life? Then Migrate to South Africa, It is the best occasion spot extraordinarily intended for the general population who needs to make their vacation successfully. South Africa is arranged in its Southern tip and is the very famous and mainstream countries around the globe. This nation gives a marvelous affair for some stunning scenes with astounding shorelines furthermore stops around it. On the off chance that you are a nature beau you will love it. Sailings and windsurfing and numerous more exercises can be found in South Africa. Make your Holiday trip as a standout amongst the hugest one.

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USA Visit Visa | Zentora Blog

Are you planning to visit the USA this vacation? Why so late, immediately Migrate to the USAwith your family. The USA is the entrancing destination where everybody can find most fascinating places and put their time in investigating astonishing destinations.

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Migrate to Australia from India with Permanent Residence Visa

Australia is rather flexible and open visa policy to attract many people to abundantly immigrate to it. This country offers wide number of easy permit to the applicants that offer the prized and much sought after PR (Permanent Residency) status. The person who holds Australian permanent residence can bring their family members.
The Australian permanent residence have right to reside and they can get employment opportunities and can study in that country permanently. Apart from this there are other benefits that can easy to access the other administrative supports like security assistance, health care and many more.

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