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Manitoba set to streamline its Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba set to streamline its Provincial Nominee ProgramManitoba has declared several changes to its Provincial Nominee Program. As a result, there will be a new list of in-demand occupations and introduction of a new path aligned with Express Entry system.
These steps were adopted to have a restructured and renewed Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. This will lead to help the newcomers, to find new pathways to get PR Status in the province.

The modifications which were included are the reorganization of three active immigration streams being the MPNP-B Business Immigration Stream, Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream, Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, apart from the formation of a new International Education Stream.

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Manitoba reopens Family Application for Permanent Residency

Alastair Clarke, a Noted Immigration lawyer came out with the explanation regarding the reversal of a government decision and reopening of the case of Karissa and Jon Warkentin. They are a family to whom an application for PR was denied owing to the disability of their daughter.
Following journalistic investigation and taking a look into the problems related to the immigration system, IRCC has reopened the case of this family from Waterhen, Manitoba. Their application for PR was denied on the grounds that their daughter, Karalynn, barely of 6 years had a developmental delay.
This decision, comes after a month of intense work, between the Justice Department, which represents Immigration-Canada, in solving law related matters, and Alastair Clarke, the family’s lawyer. The family was devastated after their PR application was denied. Advocates are of the opinion that the immigration policy is not inclusive. The clients expect the government to take the decisions on immigration based on correct data.

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Canadian Ministers agree on Increasing Immigration Levels

Shrewd Political leaders holding the charge of immigration and settlement issues in Canada have agreed to increase immigration levels and establish long-term targets to meet the rising labor market needs in the country.
The consensus was the result of the meeting held in Toronto at the Forum of Ministers responsible for Immigration.
There was participation from members of the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Governments.
At present, Canada has set an annual target of 300,000 new permanent residents for 2017. The Federal Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen confirmed that this figure was set as the new baseline for future immigration targets to be carried out by the federal government. The government had envisaged to move towards a multi-year plan in place of the annual model used now. This measure is expected to provide certainty and lend a helping hand to long-term planning.

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Family Class Immigration Targets and other Initiatives of the Canadian Government

Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Canada while revealing the New Immigration Plan, pointed out that the majority of future permanent residents, proposed to be admitted, to the country during the course of the next three years, would be economic migrants. They will be followed by the category belonging to Family class programs.
Two years ago the Liberal Party won the elections and defeated the Conservatives. A year ago, Ahmed Hussen, assumed the charge of IRCC.
Family Class
The strategy to increase the intake of Family Class aspirants is the latest of a series of developments, incorporated in the last two years, to simplify the process of sponsoring a relative.

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A sikh becomes leading minority politician to head a major party in Canada

Jagmeet Singh, A Sikh lawyer, barely 38-years of age was elected as the leader of New Democratic Party of Canada. He is the first non-white politician, to become the head of a major political party, and has called it an extremely profound honor.
He is an Ontario based provincial lawmaker and was elected to lead the party in the 2019 election. He is set to rival the Liberals of P.M. Justin Trudeau.
He was successful in receiving 53.6 % of the vote. This marks a decisive first-ballot victory over other candidates. He tweeted and thanked the New Democrats, and professed that the run for the post of Prime Minister had commenced. He went on to say that today, he had officially launched his campaign to become the next PM of Canada.
He is known for his personality, based on the fondness for colorful and bright turbans, personal style, and high-end suits, and happens to be the first member of a community, from the minority, to head a Major Federal Party. He truly has a political brand.

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Canada decides to admit a million Immigrants in next three years

Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration Minister stated tabling the bill in the House of Commons that by the year 2036 all population growth in Canada is going to happen owing to immigration. Presently, it is 75 percent.
Canada has decided to admit nearly one million immigrants in the ensuing three years. A multi-year strategy was scheduled by the government for immigration indicating a major ambitious level in recent history.
The proposed immigration level declared year wise is 310,000 for 2018, 330,000 for 2019 and 340,000 for 2020. Specific targets for economic migrants, refugees and family members have been announced.
These new targets will result in an increase in the ratio of immigrants and help it to reach a healthy one percent of the total population by 2020. This will majorly help to offset an ageing demography. The plan is really historic in nature, responsible for its causes and highly ambitious.

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Definition of Age of Dependent Children in Immigration Applications Increased

From October 24th the definition of dependent children while considering applications for Canadian immigration will increase and children under 22 years of age will come under its purview. IRCC had announced In May this year that eligible applications for immigration which are received after 24th October 2017 will be viewed considering the new definition. Thus immigration forms given on or after that date can include children under the age of 22 of the principal applicants, provided they are unmarried and not remain in a common-law relationship.
Previously, with effect from August 2014, the age definition of dependent children was decreased to below 19 years.
IRCC has given an explanation, that the decision to refuse to apply the new regulation, to the applications submitted previously, was done, owing to the fact that, applying the change to ongoing applications, would halt the finalization, of several PR applications, and would affect the time of processing for many programs.

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