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Offshore Clipping Path (OCP) is the leading and trusted post-production company provides online Photoshop clipping path services by using graphics editor software Adobe Photoshop.

An image for commercial purpose without a proper back drop is not a correctly optimized image and it is unlikely to be accepted. The background of the photos should work to bring focus on the subject of the picture and all unnecessary details and errors should be omitted during post-production. This is where Clipping Path Services relieve our headaches!
Clipping Path Services use Adobe Photoshop’s pen tool to enhance regular photos and turn them into glamorous illustrations, perfect for commercial ventures. The different types of Clipping Services or techniques are needed for various functions. These brief explanations might prove to be useful:
1. Background Alteration
The chief utilization of image clipping service is to get rid of and alter the background of an image. Clipping path allows you to use vector lines and cut out the background parts very easily. A tidy background and overall image is essential for drawing customers’ attention.
2. For Fashion
Image clipping service helps to create a professional outlook on catalogue images and advertisement banners, fliers etc. In the fashion world there is no room for imperfection. Clothes can be difficult to capture in images properly; e.g. folds may appear where you do not want it, loose threads etc. With Clipping Path Service, these are very minor issues which can be fixed in a jiffy!
3. Color Correction
Colors don’t always appear exactly as we desire it. Unwanted shadow or lights on a perfectly composed photo and color mishaps can ruin great photos. Multiple Clipping Path or Multi Path allows you to choose each color and carry out color correction individually.
4. Web image optimization
The best web image optimization can be pulled off with the help of Adobe Photoshop, no doubts there. Clipping Path accommodates cropping with proper padding. Image size is of great concern when dealing with image optimization.
5. Basic Clipping Path
Basic clipping path is handy when dealing with pictures of round objects like rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, plates, balls etc. Businesses, both online and offline, that require image editing for circular objects can use this method for easy editing.
6. Simple Clipping Path
Simple clipping path is a tad more multifaceted than Basic Clipping Path. This is functional for curved images or for objects with holes, such as; hoola hoops, rings, chairs, cameras etc. The density of anchor points and curves determine the complexity of Clipping Path. Compared to basic, simple clipping path has a greater number of anchor points.
7. Complex Clipping Path
Complex clipping path is applied to merchandise imagery which entails lots of openings, curved areas, compound and complex outlines, drawings or crowd photos etc. These photos are complicated amalgamation of shapes which have varying levels of transparency and several holes along with closed paths. Pictures of people, nature, furniture, stuffed animals etc. require this method of clipping.
9. Superior Clipping Path
Super Complex Clipping path is applicable for a wide range of object photos which may include twofold holes, complexity, zigzag and arch-like designs. E.g. trees, modern architecture, gates etc.

Most of these services are provided at reasonable rates by various Clipping Path Services. Each method requires a certain level of expertise and skill. Along with that, each technique can also vary in terms of pricing. It is definitely a good idea to do your research in order to avail the best services at the best value!

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