Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System and Entry Criteria through Point Accumulation



With changes to the point system, applicants are now able to earn a different number of points with regard to their particular qualifications. Individuals with valid job offers that are ranked as NOC 00 jobs can get 200 points, valid job offers with NOC 0, A or B can get 50 points, one or two-year diploma studies in Canada earns an applicant 15 points while a diploma, degree or certificate that exceeds three years of study earns 30 points as is with other Masters or doctoral degrees that take 1 year.

These points enable the applicants to be placed in different pools of candidates that have been pre-assessed in the Express Entry System. These individuals are therefore eligible to apply for immigration to Canada whenever openings are available. The applicants with the highest points are chosen first and are able to apply for the opportunity to immigrate to the country.

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