5 Sites You Need to Bookmark for Logo Inspiration


You may well be the most creative person in the world but there is nothing wrong with having a gander at some of the work other designers have made from time to time. A lot of work goes into the design of a logo so it’s important you spend the time having a look at some of the logo designs people like.

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Open Source Development


We are strong in building Web apps with Mongo DB,Express,Angular JS,Node JS,Django,Python and other cutting edge Innovative frameworks.
We at W2S Solutions provide end to end solutions of open Source development for enterprises, startups, institutions and non-profits.
Advantage of Open Source Development
Better Quality Code
Fast Development
Freedom of Choice
Lower Cost
Flexibility and Agility
Ability to Start Small
Better Talent Availability
Easy Maintenance
Solid Support
We are experts in
MEAN Stack

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3 Benefits of Managing All of Your Digital Marketing Under One Roof


If you’re looking to amp up your online digital presence, there is considerable benefit towards keeping all your different requirements under the same roof with a full service digital agency. Design, Development, Marketing and more, cross channel integration can assist with maintaining tone and style of your brand messaging for maximum impact.

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4 Elements To Avoid for a Mobile-Friendly Website Design


Given that the purported “mobile-first” index is soon upon us, you want to make sure your website is as accessible as possible on mobile and desktop devices alike. Ensuring that you remove flash functionality, small fonts, annoying pop-ups and weird touch integrations in crucial for ongoing mobile usability.

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Things to Know Before Starting an AdWords Campaign


Pay per click (or PPC) advertising is a great way to get motivated eyeballs to your website. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you rush into any campaign. Google AdWords can’t save a floundering business, it’s not like most advertising and you need to know you’re marketing too. Without, your campaign will never get off the ground.

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Your Digital Agency Needs Your Help With Social Media Management


Digital marketing consultants offer a variety of services to help get you recognized: website development, social media management, and reputation management. You will likely do a lot of shopping before selecting a digital agency and will be glad when you hand over the project to someone else. That will free your schedule to do other things.

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Visual Graphics for Digital Marketing


Looking for a reliable graphic designing company to assist and guide you in digital marketing, then Kuntec is the right name. Graphics design, UI UX design and material design to boost your digital marketing campaign. The expert designers assess your requirements and uniform a brand relatable for the online customers more than anything else.

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Web Designing Company in Noida | Website Redesign Services India


IS Global Web has appointed a brilliant team of professional website designers who understand that a perfect website is the blend of aesthetics, layout, technical excellence, and user-friendliness. We follow step by step algorithm to create eye catchy design, loaded with premium quality images, engaging content, and quick navigation features.

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Web Page Design in Melbourne, Australia - Newpath web


To understand the origin of the design is critical to understanding what might happen next. Offering web page design in Melbourne, Newpath web is always working to grasp and understand modern trends and their origins. Here, we've listed a few that we've noticed that you should definitely get on.

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How to Create Timeless Logo Design


When you first start your business, designing a timeless logo is money well spent. It goes a long mile in building brand recognition and after years, you will want to still be in love with it. However, timeless logos don’t need to be fancy or complicated, the strongest identities are often simple. Here are elements of ageless logo designs and 5 popular logos examples that stood the tests of time to help you ensure your logo is iconic and timeless.

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